Alphonse Krause

A scruffy dog with a troubled past.


To be determined


Alphonse grew up in the bustling city of Durastia. His father was a clergy man, and his mother stayed at home tending to her child. It was all and all a very loving family for a very long time, unfortunately once the military had grown so powerful they started to become corrupt with power. They started policing the shops the clergy as well as anything within grasp. His father didn’t take kindly to their doings. Threw them from his chapel. And they came to his home one day and exacted their revenge for how they were treated in the house of Asura. They took his wife and hung her for treason. Filled with anger and disgust he threw away his convictions and beat two of the men to death with his staff. Before the rest of them detained him and charged him for the murder of two officers. Alphonse was adopted by a family friend who taught him the ways of sleight of hand as well as the art of the blade. As he grew up he began to become more apt for conning people, his personality made him more personable and easier to shmooze people out of their hard earned money.

Alphonse Krause

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